Noun and their Types

A noun is a person, place, thing, or an idea. Every sentence has a noun.

Person: boy, Ali, etc.
Place: library, mall, city, lahore, etc.
Thing: table, door, CD, lamp, etc.

A noun is a word that tells who or what did the action or was acted upon in the sentence.
Example: The captain wore a shiny white hat.

Kinds of Nouns:

Common Noun: A common noun names any person or place.
Examples: woman, mountain, school

Proper Noun: A proper noun names a specific or a particular person or place. Proper nouns start with capital letters.
Examples: Nawaz Sharif, Chand Bagh School

Singular Noun: A singular noun names one person, place or thing and a plural noun names more than one.
Examples: singular – town and plural- towns

Collective Noun: When a noun stands for a group or collection of persons or things taken as one whole, it is called a collective noun.
Examples: a flock of sheep, a crowd of people, an army of soldiers

Possessive Noun: A possessive noun names who or what owns something.
Examples: Bob’s coat, the dog’s bone

Abstract Noun: An abstract noun is the name of something that one cannot see or touch but can think of and talk about.
Examples: Shahzad’s father is a very intelligent man.


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